I’m Not Sure If I’m Impressed With This Guy That Stacked 8 Pieces Of Butter On Top Of Each Other

I like to spend my Saturday mornings looking up stories or videos that I haven’t seen yet or that hasn’t been overly blogged about, or give me an instant, funny thought in turn so that I can write a blog about it. Today, I woke up not seeing anything to interesting in the world of sports besides the NBA All Star game that turned into a dunk contest. Some impressive stuff but nothing I felt like writing about. Then I turned to my non-sports outlet to see what was going on and I cam across this video of a guy stacking 8 slices of butter on top of each other, which may or may not be a Guinness world record. Since, I have decreed myself an outlet that blogs and covers world records with such in depth blogs like the guy who shoved the most straws into his mouth and how Reshad Jones broke a world record without any real effort I figured I better get out ahead of this story before it’s everywhere. It’s all about being first in the world of blogging.

So what we have here is a guy stacking slices of butter, not butter packets which would not be impressive at all unless in was like 500 or something like that, all while he uses a knife to accomplish it. I’m not sure if the Guinness people will allow this to be a record because he used a knife or if this opens up a whole new division of butter stacking. I won’t speak for them. I’m sure they’ll come out very soon to give a ruling on it. Ultimately, I feel that I’m not wildly impressed and it does have all to do with the knife. I’m not going to say that this feat doesn’t deserve being mentioned but when I first clicked on it I didn’t think a tool like a knife would be used to orchestrate it. I thought like most people would think and assumed he was cutting the pieces one by one and stacking them on top of each other in a Jenga type situation. I will say that I’m happy that he went for trying to get to a ninth piece of butter and didn’t settle for 8. Good to see he’s taking the approach of always trying to out due himself and looking for more. Maybe that kind of motivation will have him venture out and try doing the stacking without a knife. Perhaps butter stacking goes with the old adage of you gotta crawl before you walk.

PS- That laugh by the guys lady friend at the very end. 100% that’s Fran Drescher right? Like, it can’t be anybody else on Earth right?


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