I Fully Understand Larry Nance Jr. Not Wanting To Live Back Home With His Parents

Look at grown up Larry Nance Jr. standing up to his mother and putting his foot down. He doesn’t have time for your basement and all the meals you’ll make him for dinner. The 25 year old and recent slam dunk competitor was traded to the Cavs in that big Fountain of Youth type mission that Cleveland unveiled at the trade deadline. Who cares that he has to go and find a new place to live in? For Nance and for folks myself, there really isn’t any worse slap in the face then having to head back to where you lived for at least the first 18 years of you life. Now, Nance’s situation is just a bit different from mine if I were to ever have to go back home mainly because I’m not a multi-million dollar professional athlete.  If I had to go back home to live I’m sure it won’t be because a school traded me to another district. That’s just not how it works, sadly.

But Nance realizes just how impossible it is to go back to your folks’ after you’ve already lived outside those walls on your own. I remember when I first lived outside the confines of my parents house and the basement where I lived when I moved to Penn State Main. It was a different world. I didn’t have to answer to anybody not even myself if that makes sense. I could drink all day and night and go do pretty much whatever I wanted without anyone in my family knowing about it. That was until I had to explain to my mother that I wonderful had a 3.6 GPA at Penn State Worthington and now my first semester at Main campus I had a barely breathing 2.3 GAP. Life came at me hard then. But like Red Foreman always told Eric, I had to buckle down and buckle I did. I’m 31 now, and the idea of a situation occurring where I have to tuck my tail between my legs and go back to my parents house is such a motivator to not be an idiot with my life that I live a pretty measured life. The idea of going to back to the basement, though was a glorious time in my teens, is a thought that keeps me up at night. So, I understand Nance’s dread of the idea of headed back to the rents’ house.

Also, if you live at home, you have to worry about this type of situation happening. Nothing worse than Wade Phillips busting up your party


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