And Here We Have A Guy Filling Potholes With Coco Pops(British Coco Puffs?)

Apparently the Brits have a pothole epidemic just like me and the fine folks of North East Pennsylvania have. Way to many potholes that seems to never get addressed by their respected town, borough, city, state, country maintenance people. So the only reasonable way to address is to take maintenance into your own hands. That’s what this apparent worker for the East Ayrshire Council is doing. It’s a bit confusing because he’s railing against the people he works for. If I know the East Ayrshire Council like I don’t know them at all, they will not take this kind of insolence lightly. They’re probably torturing this guy right now by making him eat Coco Pops until he explodes in a real Matilda type situation. That will teach you and also show the people that calling out the East Ayrshire Council will not be tolerated.

Also, what a waste of what appears to be a very good looking cereal. If the guy wanted to make a point by having his friend come out and act like he didn’t know that this was supposed to happen by showing the local government that the response to the pothole problem is ridiculous then he could of used Kix or Fruit Loops. Those cereals deserve to be ran over continually not a terrifically tasting chocolate cereal. Use your head.

This isn’t a new thing. People have protested lacks of government response to potholes by filling them with all kinds of things. I sort of fall in the middle of the whole pothole debate. I hate that I have to drive like I’m serpentining through the roads of Pennsylvania so that I don’t blow a tire. But I also never ran PennDot so I don’t know exactly how they go about getting to all the potholes. I do realize that based on the weather of NEPA that our roads are perfect for erosion.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the great people of NEPA go out and protest the pothole situation in our area by filling them with wild things. I’d love to see what they might of done. Here’s some other folks from throughout the world protesting potholes in creative ways.


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