Jimmy Butler Challenges Lou Williams To A Game Of 1 On 1 For $100K

The All Star game came and passed and the league got back to it on Thursday but of course there had to be some sort of controversy about someone getting snubbed. Typically, if a player gets snubbed from and all star game, they go and attack the voters. But that’s not what Lou Williams did. He decided to go after Jimmy Butler who was voted in but decided to not play call it a “rest night.” Sort of a weird thing to do but go ahead and do you I always say. Well, Lou Williams who had a case to be selected to his first all star game wasn’t having it and let out a series of tweets expressing his feelings on the internet because that’s always smart

You didn’t actually believe that Lou Williams was mad right? How could you be so stupid to think that based off his words right? Lou followed this up to let everyone just how not mad he was

See, he wasn’t mad at all you silly. He just wanted to troll it up on a Presidents’ day. That’s all he wanted to do.

Understand one thing though, if you come after Jimmy Butler he will challenge you to a game of 1 on 1 basketball. Here’s how I know

Absolutely love that Butler took it right to the hardwood. Ideally, that’s where all beefs should be settled. Not the octagon, not the street but the basketball court. That’s really where a man can flex his muscles. Personally and I don’t think I’m alone on this, I’d pay good money to watch Jimmy Butler play Lou Williams in 1 on 1 especially if $100K was on the line. I hope this happens even though I know this will never happen. I also think Lou Williams will say he’ll agree to this only for this to never happen because he knows that Butler will probably wipe the floor with him. Williams is a good player but Butler’s a multiple all star. Nuff said.

But can you imagine if other basketball beefs were decided on the court in 1 on 1 battles for money? I’d love to see Kobe vs. Shaq, Karl Malone vs. Rodman, Lebron vs. Lance Stevenson, Jordan vs. Isiah, Reggie Miller vs. Spike Lee and R̶o̶n̶ ̶A̶r̶t̶e̶s̶t̶ Metta World Peace vs. all of Detroit. All of these should of been settled on the court for large amounts of money. Don’t think I’m breaking any ground with this





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