I Just Stopped A Cramp But I Know It Eventually Will Take Me Out

All I was doing was trying to enjoy my day off due to this fake nor’easter that is affecting the greater NEPA and watch Always Sunny episodes. Currently we’re at about 5 inches here in Scranton, but it’s still snowing. Anyways, things have been good with that plan but I tried getting up and a sudden surge of tightness took over my upper hamstring and I immediately had to stretch it out. A cramp tried taking over but I was quick enough and awake enough to be able to block it’s advances. But here’s the thing and it’s something we all know to be true: this cramp that tried sneaking up on me and taking over my leg and pretty much ruining the next 40 minutes for me with a series of aftershock type cramps will eventually be to much for me to withstand and will get its way and be a big part of my life. That’s usually how it happens. Cramp starts on a body part, you block it, you like the idea it’s passed, and then eventually it comes back in your sleep and wins. It’s a vicious cycle that I or anyone else can’t stop. Doesn’t matter how much water or bananas I have. This is happening. Like in Blade 3 when Dracula says the thirst always wins, in this case the cramp always wins. It’s pretty much the same thing but instead of vampires always craving blood, it’s cramps that strike and get stopped for a bit but eventually happen full throttle. I’ve accepted my future and I’m ready to move on to bigger and better things. Enjoy the weekend

Top 5 Cramps

  1. Hamstring
  2. Calf
  3. Toe
  4. Ladies’ Cramp
  5. Bicep


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