I’d Love If Because Of Saric’s Dunk LeBron Doesn’t Go To Philly Next Year

Last night the Sixers flexed their muscles all over the Cavs in their own gym. Whatever, the playoffs start in a few months and everything will be decided then. I will say that that this Sixers team looks like they are hitting their stride and will be that team that will get labeled a “tough out” while also being called the “team no one wants to play” as we get closer to the postseason. It’s what happened at the end of the game that I care about

Just and incredible Sawwwwftt move from the Cavs for caring so hard about Saric throwing one down under 24 seconds with the game out of reach. This will be discussed as one of those unwritten rules that guys are just supposed to not do because you don’t want to hurt everybody’s whittle feelings. The ultra competitor LeBron is, based on all the workout footage and bootleg albums he shows people, got all butt-hurt about this and wasn’t having any of it. Apparently, he feels people aren’t allowed to compete to the whistle or until the clock hits 0. Listen to the call, the guy says they should of been this angry in the 3rd quarter. I always agree with that mantra. Don’t want someone to score on you, then stop them from scoring on you. If the other team is fine with folks being mad at them for running up the score on others, more power to them.

There’s a few things great about this situation. First, the idea that LeBron was going to do anything besides possibly nudge Saric is laughable. Like fall on the floor laughable. Lebron isn’t fighting anybody and I don’t blame him. Your worth a billion dollars. No need to go out there and trade hands with people who might know some kind of strange fighting style and get put down. Second, Embiid knew what was coming as soon as Saric went up in the air. This is the look of a guy a who’s thinking to himself “oh great, now I gotta deal with this. 15 seconds that’s all we had left and you had to go screw up everything we’re trying to do here. Awesome.”

Finally, and the funniest part of the ordeal is that Saric legitimately had no idea that he did anything wrong. Just look at his face. That’s the face of a guy that doesn’t understand at all about the unwritten rules. See, Dario is from Croatia and as well know Croations do everything at maximum effort. Doesn’t matter what the score is, Croations are always out for blood. So we should all understand why he flushed one up 8 with 13 seconds left. It’s in his blood to rep 100 at all times.

Ultimately, I hope this puts a major stick in the spokes of LeBron headed to Philly in the Summer. That be truly hilarious. All the billboards put up, all the LeBron liking or winking at social media posts and all the LeBron was in Philly looking at schools for his kids stuff goes up in smoke because Dario Saric doesn’t understand that here in America you don’t hurt LeBron’s whittle feelings especially when you’re team is the front runner to sign him next year.


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