Shaquem Griffin Just Ran A 4.38 40 And I Don’t Know What To Do

I just wanted to embrace my Sunday, the day before the work week begins again. I just wanted to fend off the scaries the best I can by watching the combine while I switch back to the Wichita Cincinnati game. Not looking to do anything that gets me worked up. That plan was succeeding and then Shaquem Griffin happened

Which has led to me and the rest of the football world looking like this

That my friends was a LB running not just like a fast RB or WR but running like one of the fastest people on the planet. To put that into some kind of perspective, Brandin Cooks ran a 4.3 40 as a wide receiver who also weighed 185lbs. Devonta Freeman ran a 4.5 and Leveon Bell ran a 4.6. Griffin weighs in at 227lbs and his having himself a hell of a combine. He also ran faster than Alabama receiver Calvin Ridley. I’m sure you’ll see a slew of graphics showing all thr guys Griffin is faster than. Guy certainly showed folks that he has all the measurables to play in the NFL. Good for him. As you could see he is missing his left hand. He had it amputated when he was a child and has still dominated throughout his life without it. I’d love for him to flourish in the league. He’ll certainly have the opportunity now. What I really want to see is what his Madden speed rating will be. I remember in 2005 Boss Bailey was a LB for the Lions who had like a 89 speed rating and people were freaking out about it. He didn’t run a 4.3. Griffin did so I’d expect his speed rating to be around a 94. By the way he’s a LB


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