20 Years Ago, There Was A Fella By The Name Of Jeff Lebowski

I’m sure by now, somewhere on any one of your social media feeds you’ve seen posts about how 20 years ago possibly the greatest cult movie of all time, possibly the greatest movie of all time and by far, my favorite of all time since I was 18 The Big Lebowski was released. If you’ve never seen this movie, then I would kindly ask you to get off my planet. Just leave. If you have only seen it a once or a few times, you don’t have to leave but I kindly ask you to watch it at least another 15, no wait, 20 times. That’s how many times you need to of seen The Big Lebowski until you can fully begin to come close to catching everything there is to catch. I’ve seen in no less than 80-100 times and every time I find something new about it. Whether it’s someone’s reaction or the tone of someone’s voice as they deliver an deadpan line. There’s always something new to learn. It’s like being a monk. They pray everyday to understand the will of God, each day getting finding more salvation. This is kind of like that but instead of praying, you’re watching a great movie.

The reasons I love the movie so much are extensive. First, the characters are so well thought out and delivered. Jeff Bridges as the Dude, a washed up, sort of deadbeat, you know someone that no one in the square community would care about, has his rug stolen in a classic case of mistaken identity. His right hand man is Walter Sobchak played by John Goodman and he’s a man that is still thinking about Vietnam and about how so many of our young men were taken by the Lord wisdom before their time. Then there is Donny, who loved bowling, who was masterfully played by Steve Buscemi. Other characters like the Nihilists, Brandt, Bunny Lebowski, Nox Harrington, Jackie Treehorn and Maude round out just a zany world that the Dude lives in. The soundtrack is even stellar with Kenny Rogers and the Credence.

The second and final reason that I’ll talk about on why The Big Lebowski is the tops for me is the ridiculous story that is the movie. Essentially, The Dude gets his rug stolen and for the rest of the movie he does what he can to get it back. In doing so, he meets up with another Jeff Lebowski who tries using The Dude to get rid of his wife Bunny played by a young Tera Reid in her first movie. The Dude, Walter and Donny do what they can to try and scam the millionaire Lebowski for a million dollars all while trying to advance in their very important bowling tournament. Not gonna spoil it for you weird souls who haven’t seen it, but what I will say is that one of the beauties of the movie is that Walter was right the entire time. Every time he talks about the ongoing situation with Bunny’s disappearance(whoops spoiler) he’s right on.

So many things the Dude does are things that I adapted to my life. I enjoy robes, pictures of Nixon bowling and I love white Russians. Just the was The Dude views life is a ways that our society should go about things. Can’t worry about that s%*t man, life goes on man. That’s the Dude mantra about life and I like that. Also, The Dude lays down one of the greatest comebacks this world has ever seen.


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