I Can’t Wait For The Chiefs Offense To Be Just An Okay Offense

Free agency is just about hitting it’s stride and the money is getting thrown around like it’s not money. Teams are getting players all lined up to sign them tomorrow and it’s real cool to witness in real time. Every few minutes another big name is getting a contract offer and Rapoport and Schefter are all over it. It’s nice. The Chiefs just made a move and I for one are very indifferent towards it

People are really losing their minds over it. All over twitter people are anointing the Chiefs offense to being near unguardable and I just don’t get it. You just gave $30m guaranteed to a guy who gets hurt every 7 weeks. Maybe he doesn’t do that any more but the odds are not forever in your favor if you think he won’t continue his trend of injuries. And even when he is healthy, he’s hasn’t been a no-brainer in terms of positive production. There’s been flashes but those flashes have been far to inconsistent. Basically, being inconsistent is what Watkins is consistent at. Like I said, maybe he puts together a full season of no nagging injuries but I wouldn’t count on it.

The Chiefs had a very potent offense last year for the most part, though they had a nice stretch of dud games where they couldn’t score anything and this was with Alex Smith. I realize he’s not a world beater, but he was beyond serviceable. Now you have Pat Mahomes who really know nothing about. We know he has a stronger arm than Smith and that’s about it. The offense is seemingly in good shape with Kelce, Hunt, Hill and now Watkins but how many times have seen teams that on paper look like like a can’t miss to succeed only to not succeed and everyone wonders why and how that could happen. The answer is sports. Sports is the answer. Just when you think you have it all figured out, you don’t and the the 2nd year QB with little experience ends up looking like a 6th rd. pick instead of a 1st rd. pick and everyone just gets annoyed at the struggles. This makes me think back to that Eagles team years back that had like every huge name on defense and then got Nnamdi Asomugha and they thought the division was a wrap before they even started training camp. That team never got out of the blocks and got torn apart week after week. It was hilarious watching that team fail. I know it’s hard for fans not to overreact but I’m asking it anyways. Pump the brakes and at least see something on the field before we give a team the Lombardi.

PS- What a stupid thing I just requested


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