I Like This World Where Cena And Brady Drink Beer On TV

Last night a new world was born, a world where some of our greatest athletes go out and drink beer in public, with the people and it was glorious. First up you have world class athlete, winner of many titles John Cena. Go to around 3:10 to see the beer stuff or watch the whole thing to see Cena call out the Undertaker for a match at Wrestlemania

Then you had sort of had decent football player, done a little bit of winning during his career, no way you’d consider him to have a perfect life Tom Brady

Obviously, if you compare the two athletes drinking game chops, you have no choice but to think that Brady completely out shined Cena here. Cena took one sip and Brady was ready to rage. Point goes to Brady but you might not have your A drinking game if you just challenged a Dead Man. You never know when the will go out and Taker will crawl out of the ground and drag you down with the rest of the creatures of the night. Brady had the luxury of being on a nice, cushy talk show with no real fear of the Phenom popping out and giving him the Last Ride. Must be nice.

Also, not fair that Brady can chug a beer as well as he throws footballs. Life simply isn’t fair that Brady is the exact opposite of me in every conceivable way.


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