Tyrann Mathieu Gets Cut 8 Months After Saying He’s The Best Player In The World

I’m sure most of you are aware that the Cardinals released Tyrann Mathieu earlier today. Shouldn’t be that big of a surprise. He had 2 INTs last year and was basically just an alright player for Arizona. Naturally, they didn’t give him a big offer when he was looking for one so he decided to move on. That’s fine. He’ll get picked up by someone else and life will go on. Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Here’s a link of an article where he says he’s the best player in the world

The Honey Badger was an excellent, difference making player. He roamed the field and caused havoc everywhere. Then he signed a big time extension for $62.5m with 40 of it guaranteed. After that, he suffered a should injury and his play began to decline. Then last August, Mathieu pulled a CM Punk and declared he was the best in the world. He didn’t have a pipe bomb like moment, but he still said he was the best football player in the world. Well, either the Cardinals are in the business of cutting players who are the best in the league or maybe Tyrann possibly isn’t the best player American football has to offer. Gotta be one or the other.

Part of me respects that he said it. I think it’s great that a guy genuinely believes he’s the best and has no problem saying in public to reporters. Then, there’s the more rational side of me that thinks it’s best not to make sweeping proclamations that can very easily turn on me and make me look misguided. Perhaps, that’s why I never went pro, not having that confident, killer instinct. That or being 5’6 and remarkably unathletic. Gotta be one or the other. I hope everything works out for him and he returns to form but I wouldn’t be going telling everyone that you’re the best at your sport. Wouldn’t want to get released again and have me write another blog about this.

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