Looks Like Clarissa Explains It All Is Coming Back

Hollywood Reporter Nickelodeon is rebooting another one of its former hits. The Viacom-owned cable network is in early discussions to reboot sitcom Clarissa Explains It All, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter. The reboot would see former star Melissa Joan Hart reprise her role as Clarissa Darling, only this time, she would play the mother of the family. Series creator Mitchell Kriegman is also in talks to return to write and exec produce. Hart will also exec produce via her Hartbreak Films banner, which she runs with her mother, TV producer Paula Hart. Nickelodeon declined comment as deals with both Hart and Kriegman are not done. The project, sources say, is in early development at Nickelodeon.

As if anyone is actually surprised with this due to nearly every show that was ever made eventually getting rebooted, Clarissa Explains It All is destined to be brought back. This time Clarissa, Melissa Joan Hart will not be a teenage girl breaking the 4th wall explaining the difficulties of being a teenage girl and instead will be the mother of a girl who will break the 4th wall and explain the difficulties of being a teenage girl in 2018. So, expect a lot of the same kind of stuff just with I-Pads and smart phones. That’s pretty much what I think about all shows that get brought back after decades of not being on TV. It will be the same kind of plots just new technology being added to them. Sometimes it works, most of the time these shows get brought back and quietly go into the good night.

I will say that I did like Clarissa as kid. Melissa was a babe that I always thought would really get me if we were to cross paths. Tragically, we never met and it was never meant to be. Anyways, the biggest question that everyone is thinking about with this reboot is whether or not they will have a Sam type character who keeps a ladder on the side of the house so that he can just pop in to Clarissa’s daughter whenever he pleases.

Not sure how that dynamic flies in today’s age of security and over protective parents. Probably going to have an episode where someone other than Sam tries to get in the window and Clarissa’s daughter has to deal with that. A good lesson on the dangers of keeping your window unlocked will follow. Could be a two-parter where Sam was kidnapped by thieves and Clarissa and Ferguson, who I’m hoping is a FBI agent, have to find Sam or else. That’s one way the direction of the show can go. That or Clarissa has to teach an important lesson to her daughter about borrowing her leggings without asking, Gotta be one or the other. Either way, I hope this opens the doors to a reboot of other Nickelodeon shows like Salute Your Shorts, Wild and Crazy Kids and Guts. Now that quality viewing like you read about.


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