Guy Gets Owned By A Window

Love will make people do crazy things. Love can make someone drive across the country to stop a wedding, take care of someone for days while they get over an illness or even let someone let their significant other pick what music to play in THEIR car. That’s how powerful love could be. And sometimes, like this guy, love can make you want to run through a window only for that window to reject you like Mutombo sending a ball into the 12th row. That’s what happened to this guy. Guy just wanted to enjoy St. Patty’s day but forgot he was in a relationship. I mean all he wanted was for his lady friend to listen to him, but she in fact wasn’t listening in the way that he needed to her listen. Classic mixup. So naturally, when your lady friend isn’t listening to you, the only way to get her attention is to try and bash your head against a window. Makes sense to me. What this guy didn’t realize is that love is a fickle thing and sometimes love can appear like glass but instead be plexiglass, which is a dirty love trick that could make your attempt at showing someone how serious you are about them turn into a mockery. And we’ve seen this kinds of people all the time. The girl, who I’m sure was having a nice St. Patty’s Day just wanted to get to the next pub but Prince Charming here got wind that she was being nice to another guy. The disdain in her yell was the most irritating shriek I’ve heard in a while. The kind of shriek used when you’re the person your with is just being way way to needy and can’t handle anything.

What I don’t like is that the guy just gave up trying to go through the window. He really didn’t show to his lady friend that he was serious about her because he didn’t finish the job. How can she be with someone who can’t finish what he started? She can’t and that’s why by now she probably found a guy that when he sets out to ram his head through a window, he completes the goal of putting his head through a window regardless of what material it is. No one said love was easy.


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