Syracuse Advances Because Michigan St. Forgot How To Shoot

Here’s some footage of Michigan St. shooting drills

I can’t say this was a greatly played game because it most certainly wasn’t that but it was fun to watch. A couple of teams that let it all out there, diving all over the place. Easily the grittiest game I’ve seen in a while. Syracuse the big underdog did what they always do and that’s a play a 2-3 zone that apparently nobody can figure out. Yeah, their players are long and all that but when you go and shoot 17-66 from the field, you’re gonna have a bad time. I repeat, Michigan St. went 17-66 from the field. They only made 17 shots and missed 49 shots. That’s amazing especially for a team that several analysts said was a final four team. I get that in the tournament that anyone could lose but missing 49 shots? That’s wild wild stuff. What was also nuts was that it seemed that Michigan St. had 48 points for about a year. That might be a slight exaggeration but only by a little bit. It just seemed that Michigan St. were just passing around the perimeter over and over again, never quickly reversing the ball and when they did get the ball inside to the highpost their big man acted like he never held a basketball before and frantically threw it back out to the wings. Syracuse moves on to play Duke and I have no idea how that game goes. Easy to say that the Orangemen get waxed by Duke who will be able to push the ball much better than the Spartans but again, that zone is like a Indus Valley Citadel. No one gets past it. As for Michigan St., I’m sure they will be a top team next year but they might want to hit the gym and watch some form shooting videos or something. I don’t know, today was ridiculous with all the missing.


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