An Old Guy Just Told Me To Lower My Voice On A Bus So That He And His Wife Could Sleep

I must of woke up this morning in Bizzaro World. Like the episode of Seinfeld where Elaine is hanging out with the bizzaro guys. It’s that type of world I must of woke up in. All I was trying to do was go to NYC with my lady friend(humble brag), and go see the Lion King and have a great day away from all the stresses of being a teacher and a coach in 2018. Just wanted a little “us” time. Figured we’d get on the bus and have some pleasant morning conversation as we headed to the Big Apple. Not asking for to much, not being greedy. Then, out of nowhere like an RKO, Buzz Killington taps me on the shoulder(weak) and says he and his wife are trying to sleep, can we keep it down as if me and my special lady were having a 4th of July fireworks show in the front of a Martz bus because that’s what we apparently do now. I’m sorry but…

What kind of psychopath loser do you have to be to go on a bus at any time, I don’t care that it was 7:30, try to sleep, and when you can’t because again you’re on a PUBLIC bus ask total strangers to lower their voices? Am I in the minority that believes that once you take it upon yourself to enter PUBLIC transportation that you’re basically signing up for anything goes, within reason of course. Get outta here with this you’re trying to get realistic sleep on a PUBLIC bus nonsense. You go on a bus, you sit down and you let folks do whatever, within reason of course. Me having a nice talk with my special lady about how much fun we’re going to have in the city affecting your life just shows how SAWFT you are. Thanks for the tip. Hope you have a nightmare


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