Seeing The Lion King On Broadway And I Hope There’s A New Twist Where Scar Ends Up Running The Land

As you well know, I’m heading to NYC today with my lady friend to see the Lion King. I very much enjoy the Lion King and if you have any kind of brain/soul you also enjoy it. I’m sure this doesn’t happen to much in the broadway world but I hope they make an adaptation to the classic film where Scar ends up murdering his brother and just runs Pride Rock with an iron fist. That be an interesting plot twist. Scar becomes the ruler and has to go through the daily struggles of being numba 1. All the manusha he has to deal with, all the politicking, all the keeping up with appearances, all the cleaning up then messes his hyena goons get into after work and at the end he realizes that the crown was to heavy for him and he resigns. That’s the show I hope I get to see. Will it happen? Doubtful. But anything is possible said Kevin Garnett. I take comfort in that


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