Can’t Wait For The Rams D-Line To Just Be Okay

This is what happens when the Jets, you know a team with a really high standard for players rescinds their offer after the Dolphins and even better(not better) franchise that works with an even higher standard for players that the bring in. You go to the Rams on a 1 year deal worth $14m. Not a bad year coming for Ndamukong Suh. He gets to team up with with up and coming Rams and also gets to play along side consensus best defensive player and reigning, defending, undisputed defensive player of the year. So obviously, the two of them are going to run roughshod on the NFL. No reason for anyone to even run any offensive plays besides plays out of the shotgun right? I mean history has shown that when you get guys at their caliber that it always works out so this can’t miss. I mean, don’t focus on that Lakers team that had Malone, Payton, Kobe and Shaq and lost to the Pistons. And whatever you don’t ever think about the Dream Team from Philadelphia that had Babin, Rodgers-Cromartie, Ronnie Brown, Cullen Jenkins, Evan Mathis and Asomugha. They missed the playoffs.  No chance this Rams misses the playoffs now. I mean they made the playoffs last year with Suh so if they add Suh then they’ll probably win at least 1-2 playoff games. That’s how this works.

Look I’m sure the Rams will be a at least a decent team but would it really surprise anybody if they go 7-9? I wouldn’t at all because it’s the NFL and that happens every year unless you’re the Patriots. They were one of the top ranked defenses last year so they would of probably been one of the top ranked defenses last year without Suh. So next year, when they’re ranked around the same place, lets not lose our minds about it. I’m not saying that Suh is a scrub. Far from it. The guy has a lot of game left. I just have seen these teams that seem like sure things turn out to be not that much better or even worse than the year before. That’s just how sports work. So I realize that everyone is going to make all types of posts and pictures that say that this is the best duo on the line of all time and that no one should even attempt to run the ball and there probably be some hilarious folks out there who say this is like a Madden team. Just brilliant stuff. Maybe just think of all the sure things in sports that didn’t happen and actually let these guys play a little but before giving them the Lombardi. I know I’m asking for the world with that request but it’s something I think we can do if we try.

Can’t wait for Jerick McKinnon and some weird running back from the Seahawks to run for over a 100 yards and people just wondering how this could happen because of all that talent on the line. Gonna be awesome


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