BREAKING NEWS: Anthony Davis Shaves Off His Unibrow


Has led to

Finally. Finally this happened. Finally Anthony Davis got enough sense and shaved that 1 inch area on his head that has looked terrible ever since he became a superstar. I’m very anti-unibrow and I couldn’t ever understand why someone as popular as Anthony Davis would want one. Those are reserved for folks that can’t do the things he can do on the basketball court. Pretty much, they’re for guys like me but I would never get caught dead with something like that. It’s just a dirty looking accessory to a human head. Some will say that his unibrow is iconic and that he should of kept it forever. I understand that it made him stand out sort of but not in a oh that’s interesting/funny way more like a why do you have that, there’s no way you actually like that for real kind of way. I’m all about doing what you like to do and screw anyone who says you should do something because they don’t like what you’re doing but he wouldn’t of asked the internet if he should keep it or not if he didn’t have some self doubt about it. If he decided to keep, sure fine with me, but I’m glad the internet got this one right and he hacked that off. He probably will put the Pelicans on his back even more and storm the playoffs and win a playoff series now. Expect a 50 point game in his next game and for him to get a little bit more out of his vertical leap now that he has less wind resistance . It’s a brand new non-unibrow having world for Anthony Davis and the skies the limit.

This reminds me a lot of when Stoop Kid, who wouldn’t leave his stoop finally mustered up enough courage and left his stoop. Pretty much the same exact thing if you ask me


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