Somehow Ireland Banned Drinking Alcohol On Good Friday For 90 Years Until Now

Here’s something that came across my desk here at Second Saturday Sports; apparently for the last 90 years alcohol has not been legally sold in Ireland on Good Friday. I simply have found this amazing mainly because the only depiction of Ireland that I’ve sen my entire life is that fine folks there drink all day and every day and that’s just the way it is. Like I’m sure when Irish people think of America they think we’re all fat, lazy stupid people, which is something I really won’t dispute. How they think of us is how Americans think the Irish folk’s blood never goes lower than 0.10.

What I can’t believe is that for 90 years Ireland gave up booze for an entire day. I mean, I’m sure that just meant that people got trashed at their respected homes but for pubs to actively not do business for a day, even a day of the Lord, I find to be astounding. I really really hope that on that day there were some prohibition type pubs that were secretly open that you would need to know the password for. That would be fantastic. I think I would of enjoyed being alive during prohibition in America. It kind of would been exciting sneaking around to bars ordering bootleg booze. On second thought, that would of gotten old real fast. I much rather live in this world where I can go to just about any street and find 3 locations where I can get at it.

This always makes me laugh


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