Grasping At Straws: Knicks Fans Put Up Their Own Banner To Woo LeBron

Absolutely laughable that folks in New York think that LeBron would ever, seriously consider playing for the Knicks next year. If he didn’t sign back in 2010 when his alleged good time buddy Carmello was there why would he go there now when he isn’t? Because Kristap Porzingis, who’s on the shelf due to a torn ACL, is on the team? Get outta town with that. I understand that we live in this shooters shoot culture but man alive that banner is a major waste of money. Yeah, Philly,who LeBron probably ends up signing with, Portland, the Lakers and Cleveland all have done the billboard/banner thing where they believe putting up a big sign asking for LeBron to play for them will somehow sway one ounce of his mind. I don’t get it but hey do whatever you want with your time and money. But for New York to think that Lebron might go there over Philly is just wild to me. Just because he said in an Instagram post that he was the King of New York that he has interest in going there? Come on, be better than that. He’s never going to New York. Not when Simmons, Embiid, Redick, Saric, Fultz and Convington are in Philly. If he goes to Philly, you can pretty much pencil them into the Finals. The only team they would possibly make them sweat a hair are the Celtics. But fans are going to hope and any sliver of social media post that remotely has anything to do with NYC will get them all tingly. LeBron could post something about flying over Binghamton, not that I think LeBron has ever heard of Binghamton, and New Yorkers will freak out thinking that it means he’s coming to play there. That’s what fans do. In the words of possibly the most famous New Yorker

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