Dez Bryant Wasn’t Even Offered A Pay Cut

Video of Dez’s reaction to this news

Must be really something for Dez Bryant today. You go in to meet with the boss to talk about your future with the team. You think at the very worst, you’ll get offered a deal from Dallas that is a bit short of what you want but that maybe you know that you won’t command the kind of money anywhere in the league so you might actually take the paycut to stay with the team you’ve been with since you entered the league in 2010. That you’ll swallow some pride and go out there and kill it and show the team that you have a lot left in the tank, sort of like Larry Fitzgeral has done. Annnnnnnnnnnd noperzzzz. Dallas ends up bringing in you in to pretty much tell you that you’re outta here and we won’t even pay you a small amount or hometown discount of money to keep you here. Pack up your stuff and get out. That was Dez Bryant’s day.

I love this line however. I love it because if he does sign with the Redskins, Eagles or Giants that will be fun theater when they play the Cowboys. But, it would be so funny if he ends up getting signed by a team that isn’t in the NFC East making this line supremely worthless and slightly misguided. Dez since his release has released this statement

I honestly don’t think anyone has blamed him for how things went this year in Dallas. Pretty sure most believe losing Zeke was the biggest issue with that team. Very possibly, there has been issues behind the scenes such as administration not down with Dez’s outspokeness. Who knows? So much could have happened that we have no idea about that it’s not worth the time trying to figure out why they moved on. Dez hasn’t put up great numbers in a few years and he’s not getting younger. When that happens, teams move on and try and get younger and cheaper. That’s just how the NFL works.

Dez isn’t finished, far from it. He’ll sign somewhere and has a really good chance to put up a great season. Like I mentioned earlier, Larry Fitzgerald is still producing at an older age for WRs so there’s no reason that Dez can’t do the same. The guy is wildly talented and has all the ability to be a difference maker. It’ll be interesting to see where he ends up.

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