If You Had Mark Sanchez Getting Suspended For PEDs You’re Some Kind Of A Sorcerer

Well done on you if you always had a feeling that there wasn’t any way possible that Mark Sanchez has been able to accomplish what he has been able to without some extra help. You know, no way Mark would be able to do everything he’s able to do all on his own. Well, today is your day to tell everyone “I told you so” because the Sanchise’s ruse is over.

A likely story. You think I’m going to sit here, a man with two degrees one of them being a Masters degree, and think that you’ve been able to pull off the kind of stuff you have on the field without delving into advances in modern chemistry? Get right out of town. You think I’m going to buy the old my sample must of been an accidental exposure? Wasn’t born yesterday, Mark. Oh and Mark, nice move by saying that it’s every players responsibility to avoid even the¬†unwitting ingestion of a banned substance . Pretty much, you’re saying that even thought my sample was positive for PEDs that I didn’t knowingly¬†take PEDs because I’ve never been caught. Well Mark let me tell you, you can’t start taking PEDs and trying get to huge without doing it your first time. I get it. You’re feeling the pressure of guys like Brock Osweiler and Brandon Weedon hanging around the backup ranks and you just needed some sort of edge to keep you ahead of future backups such as Tom Savage, Deshone Kizer and Ryan Tannehill.

Hopefully, he doesn’t get black balled by the league for letting all the kidos and country down like some QBs and can make something out of himself. Either way, I’ll never forget this regardless of what you’ve turned too.

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