There Is A God!!!: Sea-Bass Is Kicking For The Seahawks Next Year


If that doesn’t make you in a divine being, then there’s nothing that will ever you thinking that there’s someone behind everything that happens. Months ago, when Sea-Bass got hurt I wrote a blog that said that it appeared that Sebastian Janikowski was finished. At 40 years old. I figured it was just about done with for the 17 year veteran. But I get a message on my phone, as I imagine y’all did, that the Seahawks have signed Janikowsi for a year. Well, I nearly fell out of my chair and I wasn’t even sitting in one.

They say the NBA is better when the Lakers and Celtics are good, that baseball is better when the Red Sox and Yankees are playing well. The same could be said about the NFL. The NFL is a much better, watchable product when Sea-Bass is out there kicking the life out of a football from possibly anywhere on the field. I just have always this thought that Sea-Bass along with Shane Lechler ran the Raiders organization when they were both with the team. They were both seemingly there forever so it just made sense. That, yeah Al Davis was running the team But Sebastian and Lechler ran the team. People answered to them and was just how it was. I don’t care what kind of evidence there is that notion might not be accurate. It happened and that’s what I’m always going to think and tell people.

Hope, the Polish cannon sticks it out and makes it to week 1 as the opening day kicker for Seattle. Blair Walsh lost his mind last year with trying to fight Mike Zimmer everywhere and they signed some guy named Jason Myers in January, which sounds like a fake person. So, it it seems like Sea-Bass has a great chance to be booming balls all over Seattle. Good for me, good for football, good for America.

One of my favorite highlights of all time right here. Just your casual 76 yard attempt. I’ll always believe it went in with room to spare


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