Gronk’s Skipping Optional Workouts To Work On His Sick Dirt Bike Skills

I’d say this is surprising to hear from Gronk but I’d honestly be more surprised if he didn’t say that. If he was asked if he was attending OPTIONAL workouts and he said yes, I’d be worried there was something wrong. But since he said no because he was working on his dirt bike skills all is good in the world.

I know everyone in Patriot Land are all hands on deck due to all stories that are coming out nearly every day, but until New England falls, New England hasn’t fallen yet. Gronk could end up retiring if his power play for a bigger contract, which is what this all is, falls through and the hooded one flexes his muscles and jettisons him off the team. they still wouldn’t of fallen. The Pats could survive without Gronk. Now if Brady out of no where leaves like some stupid folks at ESPN and other outlets believe could actually be a possibility, that would be a little different. That would probably mean the Pats 20 year long dynasty was finished, but being a Dolphin’s fan, I’d still have to see it. I have to see New England have two 5-8 win seasons in a row before I say they’re finished.

I fully expect Gronk to play at least one more season with New England. I just feel he wants to play with Brady while he’s still there or until his body completely fails him, which might not be that far away. The guy has had seemingly two dozen surgeries to keep him together and it seems every year he gets dinged up big time. He plays a position where he gets blasted in the knees often so I can understand why he’s contemplating retirement and joining such organizations like the WWE. Whatever he ends up doing, he does have the right idea in wanting to have sweet skills.

PS- I also fully expect Gronk to be sharpening his dirt bike skills by practicing on the world’s best dirt bike simulator


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