Justin Verlander Tells A Lady That In Fact She Is The One Who Sucks

Nothing like taking matters into your own hands and letting someone know who is telling you, who’s a professional athlete, one who is worth over $200m, dating Kate Upton oh and who was part of the team that won the World Series last year making them defending champs that you suck that in fact the one who sucks is you. This lady got completely pwned by Verlander and everyone else there was so on his side. Perhaps, you’re thinking that Verlander shouldn’t of engaged the fan but when you’re just sitting there watching your team dismantle the White Sox and some ill informed person is shouting untruthatudes, you sometimes need to let the masses know who the one sucks is. That’s what Justin did here. Not sure how this lady goes on with her life without being told she sucks by everyone. Even jokingly, her friends and co-workers will say “hey you suck” just trying to be funny and make light of the situation she brought on herself. But then all that being told that she sucks talk starts to build and you have a breakdown that requires years of therapy all because you couldn’t just watch a baseball game without telling one of the games best and reigning, defending champs that they suck. Not a fate I’d want.



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