This Confettiy Guy At The Sixers Game Might Be A Time Traveler

Never a good look to unleash the confetti when your team only ties a game and not wins the game. The result, which was the 76ers losing and falling to 0-3 in the series with the Celtics, is Karma’s way of saying be smarter and do your job better.

That all being said, the larger story from all of this is the guy who allegedly is the guy who was responsible for flipping the switch on the confetti while wearing this shirt is apparently this guy

Now I haven’t found any information that this was in fact the guy who allowed the confetti to fall when it shouldn’t of but he has a yellow official looking badge on his hip that I buy and also Sixers beat writer Sarah Todd says it is, so that’s good enough for me. The guy’s shirt is what fascinates me. Wearing a Breaking News: I DON’T CARE t-shirt is the exact shirt a person time traveling from the future would wear if you were looking to visit a 76ers playoff game in 2018 and prematurely shoot off the confetti when Philly only tied the game and not won. That shirt screams subtleness.  It says “yeah I made a mistake but did I? Maybe this was all part of my plan and that I really don’t care what you have to say about me. Go ahead, take my picture and put it everywhere.” That’s what that shirt says, to me. Guy probably went back to his time and is laughing it up with all his other friends in his own time period about how all the morons in 2018 think the confetti at the 76ers game was an honest mistake. Probably just sitting there sipping on some futuristic wine where no matter how much you drink you can’t get a hangover. The future is gonna be cool

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