This Video Of Every One Of Ichiro’s Hits Is A Solid Way To Spend 90 Seconds

If you find yourself looking to burn 90 seconds of your life, this video of every one of Ichiro’s hits from his MLB career is a really good way to fill those 90 seconds. It’s pretty mesmerizing if you ask me and I really think it’s the kind of video that could really uplift you to try and strive to do great things after you watch it or it can put you into a trance where you don’t move or say anything for hours and you end up wondering how it became dark or light out depending on what time of the day you start watching it. A real missing time scenario is what you could be signing up for with this video.

I’d love if more of these kind of videos started popping up. Bless Daren Willman for making this but is it selfish of meĀ  to ask for you to make a video of all the hot dogs Joey Chestnut has eaten or a time lapse video of how many beers Stone Cold dumped on himself during his career. I’m sorry Daren, but you opened up the box of Pandora and I’m greedy. Blame yourself if you want, or and here me out, make more time lapse videos. Thanks

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