Would You Rather Be The Raptors Or Virginia?

So this happened last night

Which obviously led to this from the Raptors

I just don’t know how you can go on if you’re the Raptors or one of their fans. How can you show your face in society among other people? The Dolphins have been terrible for years but they never teased me for 4 straight years only to have LeBron James or another team just crush them in the playoffs seemingly every year especially when they were expected to win. You would of much rathered of just lost by 10, go to game 4 and get the heck out of here. But nope, fate in it’s infinite wisdom decided to keep you in the game only to have LeBron rip your heart out, stick it back in your body an rip it out again. That’s what fate did. It gave you a glimmer of hope making you think that if you can take game 3 that you could possibly win game 4 and then the series is back on. Fate will really getcha.

So the question I’ve asked is would you rather be the Raptors or Virginia hoops? On one hand you have the Toronto Raptors who have consistently been around the 3rd best team in the weak eastern conference for around 5 years only to get thumped by LeBron and whoever he’s with. This year was supposed to be different. They were the #1 seed, had the best home record in the league. the Cavs were down and only had James and a bunch bad fitting pieces and then LeBron decided that he is literally better than the entire Raptors franchise. It’s like the Twins and the Yankees. No matter how good the Twins are they will eventually lose to the Yankees in the post season. Doesn’t matter what’s happening they will lose to New York every year. There’s a certain level of anguish knowing that no matter what you do you can’t beat one particular team. No matter what the Raptors do this off season, it will not be enough to beat Lebron wherever he may go.

On the other side you have Virginia. Another team who every year is around the top 5 in ranking in the country, with this year being the year they were the overall #1 seed in the tournament and wouldn’t ya know, a 16 seed called the University of Baltimore County destroy you at the tune of 21 points, which jettisoned Virginia to being the only team to ever lose to a 16 seed in the history of the known universe. Forever, those guys will be known as the 1st team that lost to a 16 seed. I wrote this¬†blog¬†about how the kids at Virginia need to change their identities because of this loss and I still fell that way. Everywhere they go, every future party they go to some doofy moron will yell out “hey everybody, we got a guy here who made history for losing to a 16 seed.” Now that guy probably catches 5 across the eye because he’s wildly smaller than a Virginia basketball player but still, he’s not wrong.

With all factors in mind, I’d rather be a Raptors player or fan. Mainly because this will get forgotten about much more quickly than the loss for Virginia. Next year, you’ll see countless highlights and talk about UMBC’s crazy victory over a #1 seed and all future #1 seeds will be talked about in conversations revolving around the idea of who will be this years Virginia? You’ll see interviews, if Virginia is good again, about how the players that were on last years team had to adjust to life after losing to UMBC and how it made them a better person and all that, but they will always always be the first group of guys that lost to a #16 seed. The Raptors will always just be LeBron’s punching bag and Lowry an DeRozan will always be considered as 2nd rate until any of them actually do something important in the league. In 5 years, the only thing said about the Raptors’ teams is that they wasted opportunities and LeBron owned them. All true points but LeBron has owned the entire East for 8 years so there’s others who will catch some of that as well. Either way, sucks to be either of these units except that the Raptors are professional athletes that can do just about anything they want in life. Another reason you’d rather be them as compared to Virginia players.



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