Fantasy Football Drafts Should Be On TV

As I was relaxing and closing out my weekend last night before the work week was only hours from beginning again, I was trying to figure out what to watch. I didn’t really want to watch WWE Backlash because I had a very good idea that it was going to be sup-par, though the opening match between the Miz and Seth Rollins was excellent, so I found on Espn 2 the Spike Ball and Corn Hole playoffs or championships. Yes that’s right, games that you play ripped up on swill booze at tailgates were getting airtime on the world wide leader in sports. In case you’re not sure what Spike Ball is, here it is

I actually played spike ball last summer at the beach and I just couldn’t get into it. I think I couldn’t get into it because I wasn’t at least mediocre at it right off the bat so naturally I decided that spike ball wasn’t my sport. We all have or should know about corn hole. Now that’s a game I can play for hours because I’m good at it and I was good at it from the first time I played it. That’s why I like playing it.

I sat there and watched these games and my first thought was I wish that decided to broadcast the world series of Stump championships and my second and more lucrative thought was if Espn is willing and believe that people will watch a game meant for drunk college students/family gatherings that eventually turns into drunk family gatherings, then they should definitely broadcast fantasy football drafts.

Fantasy Football is everywhere. Nearly everyone I know plays it and it’s all the talk about between the months of August until around the end of December. You go out to the bar, people are talking about how good they drafted, how good their team is doing or how much somebody royally screwed them over big time. Like how you hear about every year how much money gets wagered and how much lack of production due to the NCAA Tournament, fantasy football is like that just with everyone involved wearing jerseys.

Quartz Media-It’s a growing industry, estimated to be worth more than $7 billion a year in the US and Canada and to have 59 million players, according to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association.

$7 billion is a lot of billions. If Espn, which is trying desperately to be cool and to appeal to the younger folks, showed a fantasy football draft early enough in August it would absolutely at the very least get a better rating than spike ball, corn hole, ladder ball, beer pong, can jam and any other game that typically requires an alcoholic beverage to be in your hand or within 3ft of you(except maybe my favorite, Stump).

Yes, I’m pretty sure that Espn personalities did something like this this past year but who really cares who Matt Hasselbeck picks? It’s not like if he loses he cares if you crush him on line. He’s Matt Hasselbeck he has a fantastic life.

You’d have to do it in early August because you want people who watch it to have a fair amount of time to rip on the picks on the internet. That’s possibly the biggest reason why I think this idea of a fantasy football draft on TV would work. People would love to rip apart everyone’s pick and tell everyone how stupid they were for selecting someone early because of course they have all the answers. The contestants involved in the fantasy football draft would have to put up the money to be in it and also be picked randomly. I’d say the buy in would have to be around $10,000. It’s a number that is ridiculous for most but right around the limit for some of the insane fantasy players out there. And the ones that get picked have to be regular people like me and you reading this. No celebrities. What do I care about who Kevin Hart picks for his fantasy team? Like I mentioned earlier, I need people who really need the money and losing this money will be a problem for them. Not saying I want gambling addicts but I’m also not saying that either. The players picked can all get sponsored and wear patches on their clothes and hats by Draft Kings, Fan Duel and all the fantasy websites and magazines so that they can get a little side action. After the draft, people on the line can follow the people in the league throughout the season to see how they’re doing. Granted, I feel after a few weeks many people will lose interest until maybe playoffs so that would have to be something to figure out on how to keep interest up. Maybe this idea is only good for a one night thing. But the beauty of the whole thing is social element to it. I bet it would be a trending thing in the world if it were happening. Sports nerds across the globe would be arguing on the line about who has the best team to the point of blood. The billion fantasy football blogs and all the “industry experts” out there would get all tingly about it.

I don’t think this would be something I’d really care about even as a guy who very much enjoys fantasy football. I’m to prideful to think I’d get sucked in to caring about what a bunch of strangers doing something I think I’m better than but you know what happens even if I was producing it? I sit there and need something to do on a Sunday night and turn on Espn 2 and see people drafting teams and I put it on and keep it on. That’s how it works. That’s how poker worked. Poker and Chris Moneymaker hit the scene in 2003 and I got hooked watching it like every 17 year old who thought they could play with those people. That’s how I dream/envision fantasy football drafts on TV will be.

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