Guy Gets KO’d In 10 Seconds Which Is Bad


Just not the way you draw it up. Not the way you draw it up at all unless you bet on yourself to go down in the 1st round and wanted no one to believe you that you didn’t throw the fight. Coming from a guy who hasn’t really fought anyone in his life, I can tell what this guy did wrong. After careful analysis of the film, I have determined that the guy who got knocked out was NOT anticipating the other guy who he was in a fight with to throw a right handed punch straight to his brain. I don’t know how stuff like this happens even though this isn’t the first or the last time this happens. Did he blink and just got tagged or was he so not into what he was doing that he simply didn’t care if he got his mind shattered? I just don’t know how if you’re a trained fighter and the fight just started how you’re just not anticipating the other guy to might be throwing punches at all moments not to see it coming.

Not saying I would last much better in a fight with anyone let alone someone who’s trying to fight people as being their career, but I really think I can last more than 10 seconds. I’d tire myself out in about 20 seconds from running for my life but 20 is greater than 10, which is all I’m trying to do here.

Gauging from this flyer I found of the big fight, I take these dudes are fighting for the love of the game so it’s my advice for Steve Mutzu that you take up another game that doesn’t give you the opportunity to have your reality altered. Chalk it up to father time or just go after guys at the bar down the road from your house. Doesn’t matter to me

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