Snake Goes On The Field And Emasculates The Entire State Of Texas

Weak sauce by the boys down in Texas in how they dealt with this snake that went streaking on to the field. I thought folks from Texas didn’t get to hot and bothered by rodents and critters that are just trying to hang around. I pretty much have the thought that snakes are all over the place down in Texas and that nobody notices them like people up in Alaska that have moose in their backyards. That wasn’t the case here. This snake showed up and it got turned into a life and death situation.


I mean this guy tap dancing around this snake is just embarrassing for the entire state of Texas. Somebody needs to teach this so called man the words a former great Texan once said and that’s you Don’t Mess With Texas. Well this display by the grounds crew in San Antonio has just opened the door to the possibility that you may in fact mess with Texas. I figured that they would do what I believe everyone from Texas does to solve their problems and just to shoot it. Like that video the other day of the police officer shooting that groundhog who was blocking traffic, I always had this thought that all matters got resolved in the Lone Star state by a firearm, but I guess I was wrong. Not saying that I would do much better if a snake rolled up into my backyard while I was enjoying a fresh Genny but I’m a Yankee so it’s expected of me to run away and wait for a real man to take of it for me. The times, they are a changing

PS-Love the radio call of the guy dropping that Snakes on a Plane reference like he was contractually obligated to do so. He really enjoyed it but not as much as I enjoyed him saying it.

PPS- You can never go wrong with a real man of genius. I wonder if they still make them? No idea, but this is very good

PPPS- This is what it looks like if I see a snake

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