The Process Doesn’t Include Water Slides

It’s not everyday you see a 7ft guy at a water park and it’s really not everyday that you see that same 7ft guy afraid to go down a water slide where a bunch of 5 year olds already went down a dozen times. That you hardly ever see. But, Joel Embiid was in fact that 7ft guy at a water park that was deathly afraid to go down the plastic tube. I suppose it’s interesting to see a professional athlete look genuinely vulnerable over something as irrational like anyone of us are about countess things. But, I guess I can’t figure out what the fear is. It’s probably wrong for me to question his fear due to having several fears that are as irrational as this but you see where the tube ends up going and it’s all enclosed. There isn’t any part where you’re 200ft in the air and you see straight down like a roller coaster, something that as I’ve gotten older freaks me out. Yes, I have a fear of many roller coasters as I’ve aged. Something about how I think God/Universe would get a real laugh if I bit it by flying of the rails car on a roller coaster. But at least that’s happened before. Roller coaster accidents happen sometimes. I’ve never heard of a water slide/tube accident, though I’m sure if I did 30 seconds of research I’d find some.

The craziest part of this whole thing is that a guy early in the video it says that this was the first time that Joel Embiid has ever went swimming. That, to me, is absolutely crazytown level amazing. Embiid is 24 years old and somehow managed never to be in a pool of water before. I don’t know how that happens. I remember when Ricky Williams never saw snow before and went up to Buffalo when it was snowing and that was something. But he was from Texas and played at Texas so I can understand that. But water and pools of water, oceans, ponds, lakes are everywhere in this planet and not ever stepping foot in one is hitherto undreamt of. Hopefully, this opens all kinds of doors for Emiid and starts really liking swimming. Maybe even try and train for the Olympics. I think it be real cool to see a 7ft dude go the distance of a pool in only 4 strokes.

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