Wait Until Marcus Smart Finds Out That Baker Mayfield Called Him A Flop Guy

If you thought that Marcus Smart was going to be mad to losing to LeBron in game 7 last night just wait until he learns of former Oklahoma QB, Baker Mayfield, absolutely torch him on line last calling him a big time flop guy. So roasted. Like roasted like sunflower seeds roasted. So supremely roasted. Smart, who played his college ball at Oklahoma St. which is a major rival to Oklahoma, will not be pleased when wakes up to hear that a Sooner of all people went in on him on Twitter. Nope. Nope not going to like it one bit. Everyone knows Sooners and Cowboys don’t get along. Now this just reiterates that and makes this years Bedlam game between the two schools even more tense. I don’t want to hear that Smart graduated in 2014 and Mayfield just graduated and that they play two different sports so this won’t be that big of a deal. You obviously don’t know how much people from Oklahoma St. hate everyone from Oklahoma and vise versa. Gonna need the Army, Seals Team 6 the Secret Service everyone is going to have be on alert to make sure that game goes down with the least amount of fatalities possible all because Baker Mayfield had to go on Twitter and stir the pot. Hope you’re proud of yourself.

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