I’m Impressed That Bryan Colangelo Was Able To Operate 5 Twitter Accounts

One of the more bizarre and flat out hilarious stories to come across the big desk here at Second Saturday Sports is that of current(not for long) GM of the Philly 76ers Bryan Colangelo creating up to 5 burner/fake twitter accounts to criticize current 76ers players, coaches and staff, go in on his own coaching staff, tell the world about the medical history of current players and telling the world what the 76ers plans were for the 2017 NBA draft. In case you were wondering, these are things that you shouldn’t do if you’re the GM of a professional sports franchise. Thank me later for clearing that up for you. The entire article, which is very well done and lays out all the amazing tweets that all of the fake Twitter accounts by Colangelo was written by Ben Detrick of The Ringer. Click here to read it.

Some tweets that were sent off out by 5 Faces of Colangelo are these gems. This one is about Joel Embiid, you know, one of the best players in the league dealing with an injury

And by far the best tweet from of Colangelo’s alter egos is in response to how he wears his collar


Amazing stuff right there. But, what has me most amazed is not how a current(not for long) GM could completely blow up and end his career because he’s such an idiot, but it’s that he was able to balance 5 different Twitter accounts at the same time. This I am impressed with. I have two other Twitter accounts besides this one and I don’t even use them but I’m to afraid to delete them mainly because I’m not sure how to do it but it grinds my gears when I have to click on them just to clear their notifications. Easily the most frustrating and fruitless part of my day when I have to go into those dormant accounts. So for Colangelo having the wherewithal to toggle between 5 different all for the love of the game, the game being criticizing and going at your own team of employment for reasons only the mind of Colangelo(great band name right there, Mind Of Colangelo) would know is highly decent at the very least. I guess it’s that attention to detail and passion that got him all the way up to GM but sadly, that attention to detail and passion was like a double edged sword undoubtedly get Colangelo canned by around 4 o’clock today.  So, after you lay down your best Colangelo getting fired joke on Twitter make sure you take a moment and pour some out for a man that ended his own 27 year old career because he thought in 2018 that he can make 5 fake Twitter accounts and go in on the team he works for and the players and coaches that are on that team without anyone ever doing any amount of digging and finding that in fact that a 53 year old man with a seemingly great life would actively and purposely do one of the weirdest thing a person can do and get himself eventually fired. George Costanza would be proud.

PS- He needs work on his collar game.

PPS- Mind Of Colangelo has legs

PPPS- If you had Roseanne and Bryan Colangelo getting fired in back to back days, you must be on the edge of your seat waiting for Colangelo to get the Ax

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