You’ll Definitively Love This JR Smith Parody Video

I’m not sure if Samuel Grubbs is the person who made this or not. But if he did or who ever made it, great job. Just a great job capturing everything I want in a JR Smith parody video. Letting the commentating play over it to dribbling all over the planet seemingly like good ole JR did himself. This video had everything. I even think JR Smith himself would appreciate if LeBron would let him watch it.

I really hope the #JRSmithChallenge becomes a thing and you see all types of videos pop up of people just running away from a responsibility while getting hollered at for screwing up that responsibility. I remember the ice bucket challenge and that was fun and for a great cause but this is the same thing to me. It’s fun to do and it’s for the a great cause which is to spread the awareness of always keeping your head in the game. I think everyone can get behind that cause. Who know, maybe JR can be the leader of the movement for people who want to focus better. What a legacy that be. It be so JR Smith for him to be the leader of that movement. Lets do it

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