Swaggy P With The Best Post Finals Quote Yet

Right there. Right there is how a champion conducts himself after winning the NBA Finals. Swaggy P could of just gave you the canned answer of it took everyone believing in each other to win this title(not true at all) or that they’re going to celebrate this title for a bit but then it’s back to work(probably isn’t true) but in the most Swaggy P way he let everyone know how far he truly has come.

Quick history lesson for y’all who aren’t up on the rise and fall of one Swaggy P

So his teammate at the time D’Angelo Russell filmed Swaggy admitting to cheating on Iggy Azalea. This happened two years ago and it was a big to do. Swaggy P didn’t come out looking good on this as you could imagine. So what did he do, he went out and got signed by the best basketball team in at least 20 years last year and watched them play really good basketball. That sitting and watching turned out to be a great move because it allowed him to capture his 1st championship. The Sun is certainly shining on Swaggy P.

The best part about the situation to me is that you know he had that line raring and roaring to go. He knew, like everyone did, that the Warriors were going to win the title, so it only made sense, to one Swaggy P, that he needed an all-timer type line to say when it was his turn to talk after the Final. Probably the main reason he signed with the Warriors was so he can deliver that line.

I can just see Swaggy hiring a whole team of writers to come in and work late hours trying to come up with the best line. They’re all tired, it’s late, they all want to go home and then Swaggy says “nobody is going home until I have a dynamite, killer of a line that will make me looking golden.” Then Thompson lifts his head off the table and belts out “From gettin snitched on, to putting a ring on” and the whole room goes silent. Then everyone starts cheering and popping champagne like they just won the NBA Finals and Swaggy P says “it took everyone here believing in each other to get this awesome line done.”

PS- Other favorite part of the video is at the very end that gets cut off and he says “I’m a champ” he starts yelling out his own name Swaggy. I’ll be thinking about it all day what he was going to say to finish that line. I also imagine he talks about himself in the 3rd person but I imagine most people have to come to that conclusion as well.

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