T.O Apparently Runs A 4.4 And It’s Confirmed That He Needs To Be In The League

I need and you need Terrell Owens back in the NFL and I need this to happen yesterday. Today, T.O was hanging with Julio Jones totally not trying to have him join the dark side, with the dark side being a star WR in the NFL who just gets everyone to hate him. No way Owens would do that. In the midst of T.O’s grooming of Jones, he apparently ran a casual 4.43 forty yard dash…. at the age 44. Pardon the numerical coincidence, but that’s just an insane thing to happen if it’s actually what he ran. Actually, even if it’s off a few tenths of a second it’s still a ridiculous time to be able to do for a 44 year old guy.

We all know that Terrell wants back in the NFL and that he keeps care of his body as well anybody on the planet. We also know that T.O actually wants back in the league. It’s time for teams to realize that T.O is better than many WRs in the league. Are you telling me that Owens isn’t better than whoever the Colts have besides Hilton or anyone on the Ravens, and others? You’re telling me he can’t go out there and catch 40 balls and around 700 yards for the league minimum? You’re gonna stand there and tell me that you don’t want him on your team because it’s a guarantee that he will divide your locker room? If ratings are a problem there’s no better cure than Terrell Owens. That’s a pure fact.

I hope that Owens is convincing Julio that the only way for him to report to camp if they bring him with him. I’d love that and I’m rather sure T.O is doing everything he can to make that a reality. That’s the reality I want to live in and so should you.

Obligatory video of Owens doing sit ups in his driveway while he was holding out

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