LeBron, George And Kawhi Should Start Their Own Franchise

NBA free agency is set to hit the big stage in a week and all eyes predominately on the LeBron, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Where these 3 guys end up going can majorly change the landscape of the entire NBA. Does LeBron go to the Lakers and bring George with him? Does Lebron stay in the East and go to the 76ers? Does Leonard get traded to the Celtics or Philly? Nobody has a clue, but you’ll hear no less than 42 million analysts, sports blogs say that they know where they should all go. I’m not here to join that perpetual boring rhetoric. I’m an idea man. More importantly I think outside the b̶u̶n̶ box idea man and I feel that the best move for LeBron, Kawhi and George is to pool their money together and start a new franchise in a new city. Like when you and your friends decide that the best plan is to go in on a nice condo for a few days in Ocean City, it’s like that except that these guys have about a zillion dollars between and could start a whole new basketball team in the NBA. Slightly different I know but you get it.

Some number crunching, according to me typing in LeBron’s, Kawhi’s and George’s net worth on Google, collectively they are worth around $500 million. I actually thought it be a lot more and I still kind of feel that way but we can work with that. James makes up $400 million of that money. For the sake of the “take” they go and get a pile of investors to get them to a billion dollars, which is what the lowest franchises in the NBA are worth. I think they can get that done. Plus they still have many years between them to make more money playing, plus endorsements and all that. They field a team with the idea that they an get some players in there to play for the cheap but just about ensure them that they can get to the NBA Finals at the very least as long as they put there franchise in the East. They still don’t want to see the Warriors until the very end.

Now, where in the East can they go and out a team that could make money, that doesn’t already have an NBA team there? Based on more Google searching, the most logical destinations for an NBA team with the most people are Jacksonville or Nashville. Though Jacksonville is bigger population wise, I’d lean towards Nasville due to me thinking Nashville has more young people that would spend money on seeing a star-filled team like the one I’m constructing here.

LeBron obviously has the most say in this scenario due to putting up the most money and by also being better than Leonard and George. He can tell young guys how cool they’re going to make Nashville. That they can mold their team in their own vision. Don’t have to worry about owners not looking to spend money. Will there be some bad times? Sure, but if they’re in the East they have a great chance to make it to the Finals and possibly overthrow the Warriors. Winning titles brings in boatloads of money. They can turn Nasville into a destination spot even when LeBron does eventually retire. He’ll still be running things.

Truthfully, I don’t think this will happen. To many wheels would have to get in motion to happen and I’m not even sure the NBA would allow it. To bad, it be really cool to see. I’ve always wanted to see what would happen if a bunch of great players just say “screw it, we’re starting our own team, you’ll see” and then go and actually do it. They’d flip the sports world on their head.

PS- I’m sure I missed several key components on starting a franchise. Should of consulted Starting A NBA Franchise For Dummies before writing this blog, but to be fair, I didn’t want to more research than I already did.

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