You Just Don’t See Many Folks Dressed In A Suit Paddle Boarding To An Interview

Inside Edition- A New Jersey man didn’t want to be late for his interview, so he decided to paddleboard across the Hudson River to get there. Scott Holt, 32, said was running late for an interview in New York on Thursday and didn’t want to “splurge on a ferry.” Instead, he grabbed his paddleboard and made his way onto the river, clad in a full suit and shoes. “I actually expected it to take a really long time but it only took like a half hour,” Holt told “It gave my shoes a free shoe shine and [it was] a free commute.” Eunice Rivers, of Jersey City, was on the ferry to New York when she spotted Holt and decided to take a video. “I thought it was quite hilarious,” Rivers added. “He was in a suit. He had a briefcase and a bow tie on.” Holt said he was stopped by police, who gave him a bit of a scolding, but they let him go. Thankfully, he arrived at his interview with some time to spare.

If I’ve said it once then I’ve said a thousand times, people don’t paddle board to work or interviews as often as they should. At least guys like Scott Holt, who was naturally running late for his big interview at the job that by all account he wants to get hired from, took family matters into his own hands and instead of going the traditional route of using typical New Jersey to New York commuting strategies and went of script and whipped out his paddle boat and crossed the Hudson.

I guess the only real question on everyone’s mind is what would Scott have done if he fell into the Hudson? Does he go into the meeting soaking wet or did he have a backup suit and bow tie in a plastic bad tied to his foot Andy Dufresne style? Or does he go this route

Seems like the Hudson river gets a lot of play. You have Sully landing a plane on there safely and now you get this guy paddling to work in a suit. My only hope is that this story gets a feature film made out of it.

MOVIE IDEA- Scott is a down on his luck, mid 30s guy, who needs to support his kids because he’s a single father. Has an interview with an architecture company but sets his alarm wrong due to day lights saving time and is running late. Has a decision to either try public transporting which probably makes him late, or he harps back to when he nearly went pro in paddle boarding blowing his knee out and takes the paddle board to the interview. He walks through the elevators of the architecture firm with the paddle board and walks down the hallway. Everyone puts an eye on him confused at what they’re seeing. Scott goes in and crushes the interview and his new life set and he and his kids have a great life ahead of them. But then, an asteroid hits and wipes out 80% of life on Earth and that’s the movie. This story already writes itself.


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