Love That The Sacramento Kings Are Trying To Recruit LeBron

We live in a shooters shoot culture right? That’s what I’m told when anyone asks a girl out who’s out of their league, or a small time blogger asks the help of more established bloggers to take a look at their blog in hopes of hiring them to their big deal blogging company. The shooters shoot culture is a prominent one. With saying that, hats off to the Sacramento Kings of embracing that mantra and going the route that is basically the new take the client out and show them a good time recruiting technique and that’s put a billboard up telling that superstar player that thy should play for their cities team.

I’m not saying that LeBron James will sign shock the world and bypass the Lakers, 76ers, Cavs, Spurs and other winning teams and go and sign with the Kings, because that will never everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr happen, but you don’t want to be a franchise that doesn’t put out a billboard begging a player to play for your city.

At this point, you’re a bad franchise if you’re not putting out a billboard to get every super star player. I mean you’re just not in it to win it if you don’t speak to a player’s needs by putting up a 50ft sign showing them in public that you in fact want them to play for you. I’d love to see foreign teams put up billboards trying to get NBA super stars to across the world and play for them. Can’t hurt right? Shooters shoot remember. I want the Czechoslovakia national team to put up a billboard trying to sway Russell Westbrook to give them a shot. The possibilities are endless and all of them are hilarious.

I’d also love for LeBron to sign with the Kings and when he gets interviewed as to why he chose Sacramento over all the big time contenders he says “it was a multitude of things but really did it for me was that #KingJames billboard they put up. Once I saw that I knew they were serious about having me come here.” That’s what I want to see.

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