NY Fire Fighters Finish The Job Of A Fallen Pizza Delivery Guy

UPI- June 25 (UPI) — Firefighters in an upstate New York town finished a pizza delivery for a driver who was injured in a crash and was unable to complete the job. The Henrietta Fire District said in a Facebook post that firefighters responded Saturday afternoon to a crash involving a vehicle on its way to make a pizza delivery. The delivery driver was not seriously injured, but was taken to a local hospital and was unable to complete the delivery. Firefighters discovered the address for the delivery was not far from the crash scene and they completed the delivery. “Just down the road from the call they delivered the pizza and thanked the customer for deciding to order out and not risk burning food and setting off the fire alarm!” the Facebook post said. 

We need more quick on their feet fire fighters like these guys up in New York. They realized that bigger tragedy in this situation besides the pizza delivery guy who got in the accident would have been the person who ordered the pizza not getting their pizza. Could you imagine the anguish that guy would of went through if he didn’t get his pizza? I shutter to think a scenario where if I were that guy who ordered a pizza and it not eventually get delivered to me. It’s almost to much to bare, me thinking about what it be like if I didn’t get what I ordered. How would you be able to trust anyone again? You simply wouldn’t. No more letting anyone into your life because you just know that they aren’t going to deliver on being there for you, like this pizza delivery guy. Thankfully, these New York fire fighters understood the severity of the situation and when they got this fallen delivery guy out of harms way they knew the job needed to be completed or else they would be sending the guy who ordered the pie spiraling downward to a lonely abyss. Not saying that these heroes didn’t save this this guys sanity, thus his life, but I’m also not not saying that either.


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