Known Tunneler El Chapo Wants To Legit Use A Tunnel To Get To A Courthouse

NY Post He famously tunneled out of prison — now notorious Mexican drug kingpin ​Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán​ ​wants to tunnel into a Manhattan courthouse. Guzmán’s attorneys have asked a Brooklyn ​federal​ judge to move their client’s case to Manhattan​’s Southern District, arguing it’s much ​more ​convenient for the ​reputed crime lord to shuffle 200 yards down a​n underground​ tunnel ​connecting the courthouse to his current abode, the Metropolitan Correctional Center​ in lower Manhattan​. To get to court these days, ​El Chapo is transported across the Brooklyn Bridge via motorcade, in a procession that closes the bridge and involves scores of marked and unmarked police cars, armored ​cars and other emergency response vehicles accompany​ing​ him.

If you ever needed some hard proof that God exists look no further than El Chapo, a guy who tunneled and escaped multiple prisons during his life lawyer asked a federal judge in Brooklyn if instead of his client being transported across the Brooklyn Bridge, which causes traffic disruptions if he could just use and underground TUNNEL that connects the current the courthouse to where Mr. El Chapo is currently being housed. Just a hilarious request from the El Chapo team. I’d love to of heard the conversation between El Chapo and his lawyer. I bet they were rolling on the floor when they thought of the idea of asking the judge if they could use the underground tunnel. One of those laughs where you can’t even breath and you have slow down your breath type laughs. Then I would have loved to seen the lawyer try and keep a straight face asking the judge if the “alleged” drug lord El Chapo who tunnels out of everything can use an underground tunnel. Just laughs everywhere. I bet the judge even laughed himself out his chair and needed help to get up. That’s how funny this is.

It’s good to see the legal team of El Chapo and El Chapo himself are taking all this in stride. Yeah, you’re probably going to get life in prison that not even Michael Scofield could break out of but at least you still haven’t lost your sense of humor. Maybe if El Chapo keeps making quick witted requests and remarks throughout the trial he’ll get a reduced sentence. I mean, that can never happen, but you you’ll never get a reduced sentence if you’re a jerk and you sit there and don’t even try to make the jury laugh. Might as well go in there and lay out your tight 5 make the jury and court laugh your way to possible freedom. Either way, keep of the funny El Chapo.


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