Genius Move By Austin Rivers Not Taking #0 Because He Wasn’t Going To Mess With Gilbert Arenas

Say what you will about Austin Rivers and how good or isn’t good at basketball, but daddy didn’t raise no fool. Taking Gilbert’s number only has absolutely zero upside and heck of a ton of downside. Why you ask? Because Gilbert is practically capable of anything and Austin knows that. When you’re name apparent nick-name is No Chill Gil, you’re automatically a person not to be trifled with. This is something I don’t think No Chill Gil minds to be perfectly honest. If people were afraid to wear the number I haven’t worn in 8 years, I’d be okay with that.

Now there’s the possibility that No Chill Gil really wouldn’t mind having a young player wear his jersey. He might of actually felt honored by the gesture. But, if you’re Rivers, do you really want to take that chance and even remotely mess with No Chill Gil? Like Deion Sanders making business decisions with not tackling people, Rivers made a great business decision and just went with the #1. It’s a safe choice but what if Muggsy Bogues comes after Rivers? Actually, that is exactly what I want to happen. I want to live in the world where Muggsy Bogues takes offense to Rivers wearing the jersey number he once wore and comes after him. I like that world.

In essence, you want some of this Austin Rivers?


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