The Sandlot Should Be On For 24 Hours On The 4th Of July

Just about to head out for 4th of July Festivities and I saw that The Sandlot is on and I thought that it would be great if it was on for the entire day of the 4th of July. Like how A Christmas Story is in the whole entire day on Christmas, The Sandlot could be that for Independence Day.

I realize that the 4th of July is a holiday that is celebrated outdoors, with all types of grillin, beverages and eventually fire works at night. Saying that, I understand that the majority of people will not be in front of a TV unless you’re watching the Nathan’s Hot dog Eating contest. But there are times where you pop inside to beat the heat, and today that’ll be happening a lot due to this fantastic heat wave, and it be nice if you knew of a certain movie that was on at all times that you can throw on to burn 15 minutes until it’s time to head back out and down another dog and play dizzy bat. That movie could and should be The Sandlot. I wouldn’t hate Independence Day or Rocky 4 either but I have more fun with The Sandlot.

This obviously leads to the idea that every holiday should have one movie that is played throughout the course of the entire day. Obviously, there are sports on several of these days that will take up much of the day’s viewing time, but there is still moments where you’ll want comfort in knowing that something great is on and you can turn it on any time.

New Year’s Day- The Hangover

Martin Luther King Day- Mississippi Burning

Valentine’s Day- 40 Days 40 Nights

President’s Day- JFK

Mother’s Day- Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot

Memorial Day- Good Morning Vietnam

Father’s Day- The Lion King

Labor Day- Men At Work

Columbus Day- The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

Veterans Day- Hacksaw Ridge

Thanksgiving- Planes Trains And Automobiles

Christmas- Christmas Vacation

There’s tons of other holidays that could be added in there as well. Let me know any other movies you think you can add in place of these.

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