Confirmed: Hunter S. Thompson Was A Ryan Leaf Guy

Finally, we know who esteemed writer of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and a bunch of other documentary style books thought Jim Ersay and the Colts should have drafted in 1998. The big time football fan wanted the Colts to draft Ryan Leaf, not Peyton Manning. What’s great about this story, besides that this story even exists, is that Jim Ersay, you know, stable Jim was asking Thompson for a $30m loan so that he could afford to pay Manning who he wanted. The big time talent evaluator that Thompson was would not grant that loan because based on his metrics, Leaf was stronger and could handle the beating that the Colts offensive line was going to allow for at least two seasons.

Couple things here, first, the Colts were worth about $150m back in 1998. If that’s the case, why did Jim Ersay need to borrow $30m to fund the number 1 pick of the draft? I know stable Jim(sounds like a dig Trump would come up with) is sort off the rails at times but being an owner of a professional team and part of a family that owned the very same team for years you’d think they would have had the money or at the very least not have to ask writers for $3om to pay draft picks. Can’t imagine why Ersay needed to ask Thompson for money. Actually, when I do imagine it every scenario of why Ersay needed to ask for a loan has Ersay on an unbelievable bender that spans the globe. And secondly, Thompson was so cavalier about how much money Fear and Loathing was going to make that he had no problem loaning out the money for Leaf. Fear and Loathing made $13.7m so it certainly seems that Thompson would not of been in a good place if he did in fact give the loan for Leaf. Would of been interesting to see what would of happened if Thompson gave the money to Ersay and watch how he asks for some of it back because his movie didn’t even make half of what he thought it would make.

PS- Love how Thompson underlined the word strong. He was so confident that Leaf was stronger and over all a better prospect than Manning. Good thing he kept that day job. I realize that many scouts and talent evaluators had Leaf being better than Manning before the draft, but it’s just funny to see that a writer would have actually gave the Colts $30m to sign Leaf over one of the greatest QBs that has ever thrown a football. It’s a funny world out there.

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