Is Grayson Allen The John McClain Of Basketball Scuffles?

Wrong place wrong time. Classic John McClain. Whether it was Nakatomi Plaza when all he wanted to do was enjoy a Christmas party he didn’t want to be at, or just trying to pick his wife up from the airport, McLain was at the wrong place at the wrong time. McLain always found himself bloodied and with around 25 kills under his belt.

That’s pretty much the life of Grayson Allen minus the constant death(I think). Except instead of death(I think), Grayson just always finds himself in these weird altercations where he gets into it with somebody. Tonight was Trae Young, tomorrow it could be Bill Laimbeer. Who knows who will fall into the web of basketball scuffles that Grayson Allen will just so happen to be apart of? All I know in no way was this or any of the other Grayson Allen altercations ever his fault. All misunderstandings.

No big deal at all that there’s a 5 minute compilation video of so called “dirty plays” that Grayson just so happened to have caused or been a part of. Means nothing. I’m sure that just because this was Allen’s 3rd game ever in an NBA setting that this kind of thing won’t happen again.

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