I Wish I Can Be Excited About Steph Calling Out LeBron And The Lakers

LeBron with the Lakers is fun. It just is. Regardless of where you fall on the idea of superstar players trying to recruit other superstar players, which puts the rest of the league in an uncomfortable sport of pretty much admitting that they have no chance to win anything. Well, that’ll happen. Make your place cooler or draft extremely well. But with LeBron going to LA the immediate thought by many that regardless of how crappy the rest of the team is there that LeBron will be able to challenge the Warriors for the Western conference crown especially because it seems like that the Rockets will be taking a step back. Maybe I’m wrong on that but losing Trevor Ariza and Clint Capela without really adding anything in free agency seems like a step back. But hey, they might sign Carmelo Anthony so that’ll definitely shore things up and be the move that gets them past the Warriors. Everybody says.

So the Lakers are the team like it or not that the world will say will be the the big rival for the Warriors. Steph Curry, oozing with confidence, fresh off another NBA title where he once again beat LeBron’s team said this:

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