Don’t You Just Hate It When A Boa Constrictor Falls On You When You’re Sleeping… In Bed…. In New York

USA Today- ALBANY — This is not the way to get awakened in bed. A New York man — admittedly panicked, authorities said — called police last month after a large snake fell from the ceiling and into his bed as he slept. Officers from the state Department of Environmental Conservation responded to the call in the village of Pulaski, Oswego County. The call came in that the snake fell from an apartment above the man’s bedroom, the DEC said Wednesday. And this was no small snake. “After a brief investigation, the officer determined the six-foot-long Red-Tailed boa constrictor had escaped its enclosure in the apartment above and entered the ceiling,” the DEC said. Then it fell through the roof. The snake is legal to possess in New York. So it was reunited with its owner, the DEC said. But not before it make its nightmarish entrance into the apartment below it.

Seems you can’t go one day without hearing about some lizard, typically in Florida, causing a problem for the human race. Generally, it’s the alligators and crocodiles, typically in Florida, running around golf courses or getting Macho Man elbow dropped on them while they’re trying to eat people. So, it was just a matter of time before the snakes got themselves in the game.

Just trying to catch some Zs before he heads to work and this guy gets a boa constrictor falling from the ceiling landing on his head. Gotta say, there’s definitely been better nights sleep for this guy. The snake came from the apartment above so you have to figure that this guy who had the snake fall on his head while he was sleeping was just waiting for such a day. When you live in a place with a person who’s into housing exotic pets, it’s just a matter of time that their love for the generally unloved was going to be your problem one day. Whether it’s your average lizard, gecko, tarantula or snake, eventually it’s going to get out and you’re going to get put on high alert that a wild animal that the masses want nothing to do with besides seeing them behind thick glass is out and about. It’s not like when someone’s dog or cat gets out and you get a picture of what they look like and that they have a collar that says Buster or Daisy who are very friendly and won’t bite to please call the owner if you see get a hold of them. When you lose a snake or lizard or giant spider, you can’t just call out there name and they will follow and recognize at the very least the first syllable of their name, or check their collar because they don’t have collars.

Here’s hoping that this guy can sleep again without the constant fear of a snake falling on him as dreams. And for the guaranteed weird guy who lives above him, keep doing you, but speaking for the rest of humanity; get a better handle on your 6ft snake. Thanks

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