Leonard Fournette Naturally Wants Out Of Being In Madden Because He Doesn’t Like His Rating

For those of you who think it’s just a game, you couldn’t be more wrong. Madden isn’t just a game and it’s more than a way of life. Madden is one of those barometers that truly separates the men from the boys. Like arm wrestling obviously shows who the strongest and toughest people are, Madden football shows who the most disciplined and strongest willed people are. And this is just for the people who play the video game. Imagine being one of the players in the video game that get digitally manipulated by a controller. Imagine the pressure there is when it’s that time of year again to see what a bunch of guys who never strapped on a helmet think and believe about just how good guys are who actually strap on helmets. It’s absolutely nerve racking. The pressure can be to much and for 2nd year RB Leonard Fornette, the pressure boiled over.

I feel for Leonard like I feel for a 6 year old who was promised a jungle gym for his birthday only to never have that jungle gym ever built for him(definitely not me). An 87 is what the talent advisers said Fournette was at. Not the worst rating for a guy who only played one year  who had 1,040 10 total TDs. It’s the kind of rating where if you’re doing a Madden fantasy draft you see that and you know that there’s a ton of potential to get him up to around a 95 within a few seasons. The Nice folks at Madden had this to say to Fournette

See, the people at Madden aren’t unreasonable. The Ratings Experts will carefully review the request before coming to a final decision if Leonard Fournette submits them “evidence” that he deserves a better rating. I’d love to check out who the Ratings Experts are over at Madden but I’m sure they’re made up some of the smartest and most forward thinking minds in football.

Naturally, Fournette had this response to Madden

I’m not sending nothing just take me off Madden Period and let my defense not be number one on there ima send to tackle h’all a**.

I gotta say, I like the move by Fournette. Demanding to be pulled out a video game franchise that is a multi-billion dollar franchise will certainly show them. I’d love to see Fournette vs. Ratings Experts. I think that’s a story line I can easily find myself following. I hope it goes through and he does get pulled from the game like it was for Tecmo Super Bowl

Whatever happens in the war that is Fournette vs. Ratings Experts, I hope it has a glorious conclusion for at least the next few weeks before training camps start because there is nothing happening out there in the world of football. Thank for all parties for giving me and others something to write about.

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