Believe It Or Not Bill Cosby’s Cell Looks Like Every Other Cell You’ve Ever Seen

All I wanted to do was enjoy my wings, but no, I needed to see Entertainment Tonight, I think run a story on what Bill Cosby’s prison cell will look like. My wings tasted fine but I had another taste in my mouth and it was the taste of redundancy. Every time a celebrity goes to prison, the news thinks it’s newsworthy to show the cell the celebrity will be spending the rest of their time in. It’s 2018, we know what cells look. We don’t need a behind scenes tour of what one looks like. I also don’t need to see a picture of the menu of the food Willy consumed for breakfast. We all know that prison food is barely food so I really don’t need to see that Cosby will be majoring in chip beef and toast.

Here’s a 1 second Google search of typical prison cells that we’ve seen so many other times.

Cosby is big big big big time scumbag that deserves to rot in a regular, everyday prison cell. He got 3-10 years but I really don’t see anyway he makes out of prison alive. I know the easy comparison is to say he’s going to do a Paterno and just die. Certainly a possibility and one I’m for him going forth with.

Regardless of when he passes on to the next world, which should be a toasty one, he will have an uncomfortable miserable experience in the big house. But, I don’t need to see what his quarters will look like, because I’m a human of the Earth. I know what prison cells look like. Like Jay said in Clerks 2 (couldn’t find a clip of it, sorry) jail cell design hasn’t changed much over the years.

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